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Blog on DLM

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Here I'll collect the thoughts about DLM.

dlm_recvd small picture
How does dlm_recvd work?
Profile data with different table sizes
Results and oprofile output of comoonics-benchmark with different table sizes
Influence of Locktable sizes (rsbtbl_size/lkbtbl_size)
It might be that the size of the locktable and its dependencies influences the performance of find_lock_by_id.
changing scheduler priority of the dlm kernel processes
Another Idea is to increase the priority of the process(kernel) that calls the find_lock_by_id function
find_lock_by_id ideas
What does __find_lock_by_id and how is it called.
Oprofile Analysis
What did oprofile of a running system showed. And how was it influenced.

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